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SUBSEA CONSULT is the result of 18 years of solid experience in subsea construction combined with a broad network of partners with proven technical and operational expertise in Oil & Gas market. We operate throughout Brazil providing specialized consultancy in Field Development Projects, Life of Field Services, Marine Survey, Metocean Services, EPIC projects and Coastal Engineering.

Specialized Consultancy

in Survey, Offshore Operations, GIS, QHSE, Subsea Engineering, Diving, IRM, EPIC/SURF project management, Field Development and correlated disciplines.

Exclusive Business Model

We have developed an exclusive business model in our segment providing a permanent back office of senior professionals for implementation of best practices, ensuring that all demands of our clients will be effectively met.

Outsorce of Client Representatives

We also provide outsource of client representatives in Seismic, Survey, IRM, Diving, ROV, HSE, Subsea Installation, Commissioning and Decommissioning operations.

Partner Companies

Repsol Sinopec Brasil
Lynce Group
Pixel for dinner
TF Asset Management
PJ Hidrográficos
Agência Métrica
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